Dr. Shobhakar Dhakal is an Associate Professor and Head of Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Change of Asian Institute of Technology. His teaching, research and international activities comprise of energy and climate policy, system analysis and accounting of energy and carbon emissions and mitigation opportunities. He is particulate passionate about the following inter-connected areas:

  1. Options and opportunities for low-energy and low-carbon cities and urbanization in era of rapid transformation and urbanization
  2. Providing access to modern energy in developing countries in South and South-East Asia capitalizing on the potentials of the renewable energy technologies, declining cost of renewables and climate policy as a new vehicle
  3. Addressing energy and climate mitigation solutions through innovative policies, governance and financial mechanisms, and
  4. Regional energy market integration in ASEAN and South Asia as a key to address multiple objectives such as better energy access, climate mitigation, enhancing energy security and up-scaling renewables.

Dr. Dhakal actively contributes to international and scientific arena. He is a member of Scientific Steering Committee of Global Carbon Project, a premier global scientific program. He served as a Coordinating Lead Author (CLA) of the Nobel Prize winning Inter-governmental  Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) for its 5th Mitigation Assessment Report (released in April 2014) for the Chapter on Human Settlements, Infrastructure and Spatial Planning (2010-2015). Currently he co-leads ongoing Assessment Report on Climate Change and Cities. He served as a lead author of the Global Energy Assessment‘s for Urban Energy Systems (2008-11), principle scientific reviewer of UNEP’s Global Environmental Outlook (GEO-5), member of the Consensus Panel on Low Carbon Cities of the Academy of Sciences of South Africa (2008-2010), member of the Cities Energy Modeling Group of the International Energy Agency for World Energy Outlook 2008, international expert to the Taskforce on Urban Development and Energy Efficiency of the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development (2008-9).

Together with Skee Houghton, Dr. Dhakal was founder senior-editor of Carbon Management Journal published by Future Sciences in 2009 which is now taken over by Taylor and Francis group (achieved ISI Impact Factor of 2.08). He was Co-editor-in-chief of Carbon Management Journal till December 2016. He is also an associate editor of Elsevier’s  Sustainable Cities and Society journal.

He is involved in the low carbon city research and carbon mitigation related scientific activities for over a decade. He was one of the two Executive Directors of the Global Carbon Project (A Future Earth Project) from 2006-2012 and played instrumental role in bridging science and policy communities in the area of carbon management and is currently serving in its Scientific Steering Committee. He was a Guest Scholar to the Transition to New Technologies Group of International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (2010-2013), a visiting Associate Professor to Nagoya University (2009-2012), and still a visiting researcher (2012-2017) to National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan. He was also a Senior Policy Researcher and Project Manger of urban program at Institute for Global Environment Strategies Japan for 2000-2006.